F-Secure Policy Manager MAC Client

F-Secure Policy Manager MAC Client

New features and improvements

Data mining view

  • The data mining view is an assistant for administrators to search and browse the data to resolve issues, verify concerns, and create queries for custom reports, and to export data to react in a timely and smart fashion.
  • Data mining works with four data set types: hosts, alerts, software updates, and deleted hosts. A full-text search is available in addition to property filters that search through all relevant item properties. One search query can work with multiple related data sets.
  • Search queries can be saved for subsequent reuse in Console and can be used for custom reports and data export with REST API.
  • For more details, see 'F-Secure Policy Manager's data mining feature explained' Knowledge Base article: https://community.f-secure.com/business-suite-en/kb/articles/8530.

New Web Reporting

  • Policy Manager introduces the new Web Reporting with a wider range of reports and features.
  • Besides the revised set of reports, the new version improvements include more flexible scheduler options and all scheduled configurations can be seen in one view.
  • The new Web Reporting adds support for creating custom reports. Custom reporting is built on top of the search queries. Currently, all published queries become available as custom reports with table representations.
  • Both the new and the old Web Reporting are running in parallel. The new Web Reporting is opened on the default Web Reporting port (8081), while port 8085 is used for the old version. The automatic migration of the scheduled report configurations is not available.